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About Straightline Enterprises, LLC
Mission Statement

Inspiring every pet owner to be the best pet parent, by providing quality products and pets across the world.

Our Vision

To work towards a future where we are industry representatives of the premium quality products and keep improving our adds-on servicing qualities and to become the reputable supplier for people across the world.

Our Story &
What We Do

Straightline Enterprises has been taking care of the people who take care of pets since 2013. Every day, we help breeders, shelters, groomers, and individual pet owners by sharing our pet care knowledge and offering solutions. We manufacture equipment and Dog Park products for veterinarians, shelters, breeders, and groomers. What sets apart is in 2016 we added a retail store that offers full line of pet supplies including, Dog Food, Vitamins and Probiotics, Collars, leashes, Toys, Treats, Frozen Food, Pet Crates and Beds and much, much more! Then in 2020 we added on to our store by offering top quality Pets that are from top quality breeders. So now you can shop for your pet and supplies all in one stop!! You can shop at Straightline for all your pets needs by visiting our store or Shopping Online.

Our caring spirit, knowledge, and commitment to serving our customers is what makes us unique!

Our Values

· To provide the best quality products and services and establishing ourselves in the Pet Industry.
· To bring the premium quality products at reasonable prices for you and your pets.
· To offer and share Knowledge to Pet owners across the nation.
· To provide the Pet industry with everything a pet owner needs with fashion.